Thursday, April 8, 2010


Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Welcome every one to my blog,


On this blog you will see a couple of different things:

 *Food allergy information: Testings, foods, proper uses, recipes, and my experiences dealing with my daughter's food allergies (which is slowly getting better, thank the Lord and leaves me time to do other things on my blog like the next topics)

*Book Reviews: I LOVE reading books, so I decided to start reviewing the books that I am reading. So if anyone is visiting my blog who would love for their books to be reviewed, leave me a message. And if you have any good books that you think I should read, leave me your ideas. They are gladly accepted!!

*Product Reviews: After reviewing books, I realized how exciting it was and decided to start reviewing products. My first review is for Mixes From the Heartland products. Come back to read it. They sent me a ton of food to review and it looks good!

*Last but not least, I may start posting about ADD. My daughter is going to be tested for it (I know, what else could go wrong with her :) and if she has it, I will probably start to post about that too.

I know blogs are supposed to be about one topic, but I have never been the one topic kind of person. So when you come on here, you will get a plethora of information. 

I hope you enjoy your visit. Leave me a comment, follow me on Google friend/Twitter, grab my button (I love buttons and am in the process of creating a button page) and I will do the same. I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!