Saturday, April 2, 2011

SEAsoned - A Chef's Journey with Her Captain, by Victoria Allman

Author: Victoria Allman

Categories: Travel, Cooking

Publisher: NorLightsPress

Number of Pages: 200

Book Size: 6 X 9

ISBN: 978-1935254-37-9

Official Release Date: January, 2011

Have you ever turned the television on and seen one of those shows where they have a cook on a yacht while traveling? Have you ever thought how fun that would be if it were me? Well, Victoria Allman, author of SEAsoned - A Chef's Journey with Her Captain, was able to experience that very thing.

When reading this book, you will be taken on a trip in a yacht with rough waters and falling dishes, doors swinging open and shut and people not able to stand. These aren't the things that people think about when they picture themselves working on a yacht. Another thing would be the different attitudes you encounter when people come aboard, some pleasant, some not so pleasant.

Another thing I really liked about the SEAsoned - A Chef's Journey with Her Captain, is how there are recipes all throughout the book. The recipes at the end of the chapters go along with a meal in that particular part of the story. This really excited me because I could actually get into the book even more by trying the different foods that she prepared. Some of the recipes that I am excited about trying are Applesauce Cinnamon Muffins, Chocolate Chiffon Cake, Angel Hair Napoli, and Salmon Tartar. Not only are there recipes listed, she also includes a culinary glossary toward the end of the book.

One thing that I have to make sure and mention is her writing style. She is a very descriptive writer, which makes you feel as though you are right there on the trip with them. I enjoyed her writing so much that I am going to go out and purchase her other book, Sea Fare - A Chef's Journey Across The Ocean, which also includes recipes.

This is a very enjoyable story and I would suggest everyone to read it. SEAsoned - A Chef's Journey with Her Captain kept me engaged from the beginning to the end.

I thank AME Virtual Book Tours and NorlightsPress for giving me the opportunity to review this book.