Thursday, March 25, 2010

Allergy Free Cafeteria Session and Friday Blog Hop!

My daughter ate school cafeteria food for the first time last week. I don't know that I will be making a habit out of this. I don't feel as though they have the healthiest food to eat, but once in awhile will not hurt.

According to her it was the best time she had ever had. I make her lunches every single day. Sometimes I try to coordinate with what the cafeteria is having, but that doesn't always workout. We are vegetarians and the school pretty much offers meat. That particular day they were serving pizza, so I felt like she would be safe eating there that particular day. The office asked me to have the teacher follow her and make sure she picked out a pizza and not something else.

Well, it was a successful event and I may let her do it again. I just have to get pass all the unhealthy grease and unnatural products they put in the food!

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