Friday, July 23, 2010

To Whom It May Concern: A Struggle to Survive

To Whom it May Concern: A Struggle to Survive This was a very hard review to write. The story line of the book I felt was okay, but the grammar was horrendous. Every three pages I encountered some grammatical problem. This caused major problems for me. English was my favorite subject in school and I have a hard time dealing with bad grammar. I struggled to get through this book.

To Whom It May Concern: A Struggle to Survive, by Joseph A. Klingman, is a story about a girl who goes through life trying to make it. She encounters all kinds of problems, but has the world's strongest determination to get through them.

Cynthia Thomas didn't have a typical childhood. The only thing that got her through was looking forward to her future being out of the house. Her father was very abusive toward her and her siblings. Unfortunately she received the brunt of it all. One day she brought home a paper that she received an A on and the teacher put a note on it saying that she could have done better. So her father made her write 'I could have done better' over and over again well into the night.

Once she graduated from high school, she went to St. Alban's University on a scholarship. The unfortunate thing about it was that she met a guy at a bar by the name of Dan Callahan. A couple of nights with him and her life started to change. She lost her scholarship. This in turn caused her to have to move and get a job. When she started working at Grahams Department Store, she was in for a rude awakening. Dan turned out to be married to the lady who owned the store. What started out as a bad situation, started to take a turn for the better. Ms. Graham, the owner, offered to help Cynthia out by letting her stay with her and giving her a better position at work. She also helped her brother receive a scholarship to the college and brought her sister up to live with them also.

Throughout her life, she and Dan met up and had a relationship pretty much like her childhood. He technically wasn't any better to her than her own father. The night before her graduation (she was to receive her MBA) Dan raped her and beat her up to the point of hospitalization. Throughout the ordeal, she pictured her father saying and doing everything to her. No matter what, she felt like she could not get away from her childhood life. One good thing that came out of that dreadful night was meeting her doctor, who in turn, later became her husband.

After her marriage, her life started to look up. She started fundraisers and later on had three children.

This book was a good read. I will say that if you have a hard time reading books where the grammar isn't 100% perfect, you might want to reconsider.

This book was given to me from Dorrance Publishing for an honest review.

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