Friday, December 17, 2010


I just had a chance to view some wonderful Christmas short films. They are available on iTunes. You can download them and watch them whenever you want. Not only will your kids enjoy them, but you will love them just the same.

Once Upon A Christmas Village

Have you ever woken up one morning and no matter what you did, nothing seemed to turn out right? Well, that is what happens to Santa in this short film. Due to the fact that his day goes awry, it allows for a town of decorations to come alive. They for once get to verbalize and experience things that they never could before.

The graphics are amazing. Along with the great colors, it really draws you in to this short film. The storyline is great too, which includes song and dance. Two of the actors that lend their voices to make this a really great story come to life are Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Jim Belushi (According To Jim). I actually watched it more than one time and I am not a child.

Mr. Bojagi

Everybody wants to find someone the perfect gift right? If only we had a magic way of telling us what would make the perfect gift for someone. In this short film, a grandmother goes to a special gift selector to enlist him in helping her find the perfect gift for her granddaughter. What she finds out is, what really makes a great gift vs. what she thinks makes a great gift.

This short film had an amazing learning lesson and great actors that brought this story to life. The amazing shop owner in this short film is played by British acting legend Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon, I, Claudius).

Monsters & Rabbits

Did you have a make believe friend when you were little? Or do you have a child who has one? Either way you guys will enjoy this short film about a boy who has a pretend friend/world that he goes to when things aren't working out right in his own. But what happens to that make believe friend when you find another friend to play with?

This was just as cute as the rest of them. It can teach kids lessons about friendships and how important they are to have.

After watching these three short films, I have decided to go to iTunes and download some for my daughter to have on hand. I have only downloaded music from iTunes, but do want to see more of these, so off I go to iTunes. If you don't want to purchase any, at least go and check them out. You may know someone who would like to watch them or download them for their kids to watch.

Thanks to Debbie Park for giving me the opportunity to watch and review these short films.

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