Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When I Grow Up I Want To the U.S. Army!, by Wigu Publishing

 Age Group: 6 and up

Paperback: 56 pages

Publisher: Wigu Publishing 

Language: English

Here is another great book to add to the series of When I Grow Up I Want To Be.... I really enjoy reading these books and so does my child. I love that they give her an idea of what is out there. There isn't a limit to what she can become and these books give her a chance to realize this very thing. 

We occasionally talk about what she wants to do when she becomes older, but I have to say, after she started reading this series, I think it really sparked something in her to take a broader look at what is out there and not settle for something typical. It never hurts to start thinking about what you want your life to be like, even though you are young. In this present time, I think it is becoming more and more imperative for one to start thinking about this sooner rather than later.

When I Grow Up I Want To Be... in the U.S. Army! is about a boy named Jake who has to do a school project and decides to do it on being a soldier. The book takes you on the journey of him learning what it all entails. 

Jake's father takes him to a local GI store, which is neat because we have one that I will be able to take my child to so she can see everything that he saw. This is where the book starts to give you background knowledge of what it's like to be a soldier. As Jake sees different things in the store, we learn right along with him what they are, like badges and their rankings, the different positions a soldier can hold (not just for fighting), types of soldiers and their equipment, and training. By the time Jake is ready to give his report, we have learned just as much as he has. There is also a glossary in the back to further explain some of the words that are in the story.

Like the other books in the series, they mix "cartoon" form with real life form. I believe the cartoon form pulls the children in and keeps them reading and the real life form helps them relate to life around them.

This book was really helpful because my child has a cousin that is thinking about joining the army and it gave her a better insight into what he was going to be going through. It would also benefit a child who has a parent in the army. It would also give them a better understanding and help answer any questions that they may have.

Like I stated in all the other reviews, these are awesome books and are very helpful in opening up a whole new learning world for young children.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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