Monday, February 22, 2010

The Joys of Raising A Smart Kid

Is my child the only one who uses her food allergy symptoms to get what she wants (in terms of food)? My daughter thinks she can pull one over on me by saying she is experiencing symptoms in order not to eat a certain food. If it weren't for me knowing exactly what she is allergic to and how to really tell if she is having a reaction, she just might be able to get away with it.

Her favorite cereal, for the time being, is the Puffins cinnamon flavored cereal. I lucked out when I came across Barbara's Bakery cereals. They don’t have a lot of choices, but the two I get are wheat free, dairy free and made in a peanut free facility. Because we don’t have a slew of different cereals for her to choose from, when she finds one she likes, she tends to over indulge. Quite naturally, most kids do.

Just the other day, she was eating a bowl of cereal. In order for her not to eat up all the cinnamon cereal, I gave her the regular brand. Half way through her bowl she started to yell for me. I went in and asked what was wrong and she proceeded to tell me that her tongue was feeling funny. This is the first symptom she usually experiences when she eats something that she is allergic to. I looked at her and she seemed fine. I asked her what she meant by her tongue feeling funny and all she could say was that it felt weird. Apparently, she had forgotten that I gave her this same cereal the night before and the week before without any kind of reaction. When I refreshed her memory, she had a "man I just got found out" expression on her face. Yes dear, I know all your tricks! I've explained to her that she can't fake her symptoms (when she doesn’t want what is in front of her) because one day I may not believe her when she tells me she is having them. Of course, anytime she says something is wrong, I take her seriously. While she is trying to outsmart me, she doesn't need to know.

While sitting here typing this out, I wonder, is there anyone else going through what I am going through or is my daughter the only one who tries to manipulate me with her allergic symptoms?

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  1. she is slick! My son is only 3mos old...but he's already trying to pull fast ones on me (I swear it sometimes! lol).

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  3. RE: A New Mom - Yes she is a slick one. I am working on her though. I don't think age matters. If they want to try, they will try!

    RE: Dawn Hild - Your welcome.

  4. Returning the follow. As hard it must be to find find the right food when your child has alergies (it's hard figuring food for ones that don't have them) this made me smile. I could see my girls trying to pull something like that.
    Have a great day.

  5. This must be very challenging to find foods she is not allergic to!

    Stopping by from Fri Follows - I'm a new follower! Love to have you stop by:

  6. It can be a challenge. That is why I grocery shop at three different stores for her food!

  7. Hi, I'm following you back from Friday follows. Thanks for sharing the struggles and lessons you learn from your little one's allergies! It's amazing how clever kids are at any age! My almost 3 year old is into saying he can't do something because his arms hurt, or his tummy hurts, etc.

  8. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for stopping by! I love this post! Kids sometimes!!!! Gotta love them!