Saturday, March 27, 2010

Asian Food Made Allergen Free

Every Saturday our whole family gets together and we have lunch. Yesterday I decided to do something different. Maybe we should start having at least one ethnic day thrown in there. Not that typical American food is bad, but a little change is always nice. Of course this can cause some kind of a problem with my daughter not being able to eat everything.

One Christmas when she was about 1 years old we had Chinese food. That didn't go over very well. She was very lethargic while opening her gifts and wound up throwing up later on that night (this was before we definitely knew she had food allergies). So, in order for us to enjoy a nice variety of food and having her join in, I would have to figure out how to make everything instead of buying it.

My older sister made the Chow Mein (she is a great cook) and white rice. I decided to make the Lumpia and Beef and Broccoli. As your mouth waters I will let you know that I am a vegetarian (which works out well when my daughter tells people she is allergic to meat), so everything has veggie meat in it. Surprisingly, everything can taste just as great with veggie food instead of meat. You just have to find the right products to supplement. At times it can be hard. I spent half a day trying to find veggie beef for the Beef and Broccoli!

To make the Chow Mein food allergy free, I had my sister put some aside for my daughter and used olive oil on it instead of the Asian sauce she uses. For the Beef and Broccoli, I took a portion of it out before adding the Asian sauce. She will just eat the beef tossed with some broccoli in it without any type of seasoning. And for the Lumpia, I took a portion of the mixture out and set it aside. I left out the soy sauce, egg, and cayenne pepper.

So, she can join in with us when we eat different foods. We just have to tweak it a bit so that it is safe for her to eat. I use to just make her separate food, but as she gets older, she wants to eat what everyone else is eating. So I have to learn how to substitute!

p.s. ~ All she ate was the lumpia and some of the veggie beef! Picky, picky, picky!

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  1. You should also try out some South American food. We like to eat plantains, seafood and rice a lot. Favorite plate "Ceviche" But like you said you will have to learn to make it yourself because it can be bad for your daughter.

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