Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Child's Food Allergy Poem

I have a food allergy
So what if that’s true.
That doesn’t make me different
I just avoid certain foods.

You may think it’s funny
To taunt and to tease,
But I also have feelings
So stop and back away please.

Just think how you would feel
If denied all these foods,
Especially at birthday parties
Where you can’t have cake or ice cream too.

Each and everyone of us is different
Our allergies are not the same.
For some it could be dairy, nuts, or fish
And for others soy or wheat is to blame.

Whether young or old
I have to remain safe,
Because cross-contamination
Could cause a devastating fate.

So please learn to read all labels
And my arm bracelet too.
Cause 100% safety
Is the best thing for me and for you.
© 2010 Belladona Creations

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