Monday, November 15, 2010

The Adventures of Isaiah James: Beach Boy, by Sabrina K. Carpenter

About the book:

The Adventures of Isaiah James: Beach Boy by Sabrina K. Carpenter
ISBN: 978-0982773710
Publisher: Perfected Pen Publishing
Date of publish: Sept 25, 2010
Pages: 30
S.R.P.: $12.95

About the author:

Sabrina Carpenter is originally from Connecticut and currently resides in Vero Beach, Florida. She is the business owner of both Perfected Pen and Perfected Pen Publishing and strives to continually act as an advocate for children, education and non-profit organizations.

My thoughts:

Some say good children books are hard to find. I believe this to be true at times. Well, I just recently read a really cute children's book, The Adventures of Isaiah James: Beach Boy, by Sabrina K. Carpenter.

This story is about a little boy who's parents decide to take him on a trip, which happens to be a surprise. He eagerly wakes up and tries to figure out where they are going to go. Once he is given some clues as to what to pack, he realizes they are going to the beach. After they arrive, he sees beach balls, makes a sand castle, plays with crabs, etc. They realize how much fun they have had and then decide to go home.

This is a really cute book. It is a very well written story. Every young child should enjoy this story along with the beautiful, soft, colorful graphics that accompany it. I believe every child should have this book on their shelf, along with the rest of the stories that will come with this series.

I thank Bostick Communications and Sabrina K. Carpenter for giving me the opportunity to review this book.

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