Saturday, May 31, 2014

When I Grow Up I Want To the U.S. Navy!, by Wigu Publishing

Age Range: 6 and up 

Series: When I Grow Up I Want To Be...

Paperback: 58 pages

Publisher: Wigu Publishing

Date: April 10, 2014

Like I have stated before, these are really awesome books that everyone should own. With that said, here is my review for the next one in the series.

When I Grow Up I Want To the U.S. Navy! is a really great read. It seems likes these books get better and better each time a new title comes out. My daughter and I decided to read this one together. Most of the time I am the one reading and she is just listening, but there is a young girl in this book and she read her part while I read the other character's parts/main story. 

This story is about a young boy name Noah, his grandfather Ed and his sister Marina. Their grandfather decides to take them to visit a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier that has come and docked nearby. They tour it and the grandfather tells of his experiences when he was in the Navy.

Like the other books in the series, there is an educational aspect to the story. While you are reading, you are shown pictures of an actual carrier and the different compartments on it. My daughter and I were amazed at the different levels and compartments on the carrier. We also visualized the length of it and realized they are huge! As you are taken through each level of the carrier by the grandfather, there is a page to the right or left that explains in detail about what you are seeing. I thought it was really neat because it felt as though we were actually on the carrier. They did a really awesome job showing and having you understand everything. Toward the back of the book is a page that shows all the different boats (and their names) that might be part of a carrier strike group, which my daughter gleefully said reminded her of the game Battleship.

The other great part about this story is the fact that the characters are in cartoon form and the rest of the picture is in real life. My daughter thought it was funny how it showed "cartoon people" on a real carrier. The fact that it was very descriptive made it easy for her to truly understand what the book is about and stay involved in the story. And the comedic aspect kept her laughing through the whole story.

We have a cousin who is in the U.S. Navy, so she was able to see everything that he experiences on a day to day basis. The book is not only a great tool to help a child learn about what they can possibly achieve when they grow older, but also help out children who have fathers or mothers in the Navy. 

This book was given to me by Wigu Publishing for my honest review.

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