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Love More Feed Less, by Randi L. Levin

Title: Love More Feed Less: A Tasty Path Toward Avoiding Childhood Obesity

Publisher: The Muffin Lady Inc

 Date: November 5, 2010

 Pages: 220

 Language: English

About the author: Randi Levin was raised in Philadelphia and introduced to cooking at a young age in her grandmothers' kitchens. While in high school she began acquiring the skills necessary for helping others. Equipped with the dedication and passion for helping others, she went on to become highly educated and trained as a teacher and mentor in the health profession.

In the early 1990's, while residing in the Colorado mountains, a medical condition had her change her path in life. No longer able to help children and families the way she was use to doing, she turned to writing cookbooks.

Today she is an internationally known awarded culinary author, who believes that knowledge and food should be shared. Because her passion for helping remains strong, she often reflects on the lessons students and clients taught her to help guide her eternal path to help them and their parents make better health choices.

My take: I liked this book in the sense that I love collecting cookbooks. But it is not just a cookbook, it is filled with information the author feels is pertinent in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

At the beginning of the book, the author has given us a little background information on the causes of, statistics and how to look for obesity in your children. I like how she doesn't just say 'this is how I feel and what I think you should do', but actually backs her opinions up with actual facts.

There are about 14 different sections in this book. One of the sections that I really enjoyed was the one on spices. Not only did she take the time to list every spice out there, but she also lets us know which food each spice would best compliment. Another section that I thought was interesting is the one where she talks about teaching your family how to eat better by showing them and not just telling them. Start by eating the right foods and slowly incorporating it into their diets. If they see you enjoying it, your children are more than likely to follow in your footsteps. And finally, how to proportion your food so that you don't over eat.

This book is filled with a lot of recipes. From comfort foods, salads, breakfast dishes, and desserts to healthy child snacks. I feel like most of her recipes are healthy based, but if you are speaking about staying at a healthy weight, I think that you should eliminate bacon and butter from your diet. One thing I can say is she does give you a section on substitutes, which is very helpful. Before each recipe she gives you some information, tips and hints on each one. The only thing that I would have loved to see would have been some pictures of the recipes. I am one who likes to see what their creation is suppose to look like.

I feel as though this is a really good cookbook filled with useful information. Even though I am a vegetarian and try to eat as healthy as possible, it still has a lot of great recipes I can use.

I was given this book for my honesty review.

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