Monday, August 4, 2014

Small Moments, by Mary M. Barrow

Title: Small Moments

Author: Mary M. Barrow

Publisher: Wise Ink Creative Publishing

Date: January 20, 2014

Paperback: 248 pages

About the author:
Mary Mills Barrow was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1953 and moved with her family to New Jersey in 1959. She graduated from Princeton Day School in 1972 and George Washington University in 1976. She has been a professional writer her entire career, first as a New York-based editor and as an editor for McKinsey & Co. based in Australia.

About the book:
Mary, an eleven-year-old Southern transplant is forced to grow up in a place so unlike her old home that she clings onto one thing she knows and loves: Amelia, her family's African American housemaid. At once a stern caretaker and a tender mother-figure, Ameilia's constant presence in Mary's life gradually exposes Mary to the rippling tide of unrest and inequality spreading through the nation, as well as the violent and heartbreaking ramifications of the Tuskegee experiment.

Based on a true story, Small Moments is a gripping and heartfelt take of how one uneducated and underprivileged woman taught a young girl to see the world not i terms of color, but in terms of kindness, equality, and love.

My take:
When you love to read books, you come across a lot of different ones that leave you with a lot of different emotions. Some make you laugh and some make you cry. Then there are those that make you think, what am I reading? Well, Small Moments is a book that left me feeling very warm hearted.

Small Moments is a book filled with stories from a young girl's life during the times of 1950/1960s. Mary and her siblings were taken care of by an African American caretaker. Amelia, the caretaker, turns out to be a very important person in her life. Showing her the true meaning of love, kindness, and opening her eyes to what is going on in those time. It was very touching to see how much Amelia cared for Mary and Mary's cared for her in return.

The book is filled with tons of information from that era. First of all, we hear an account of what life was like during that time from someone who actually was there. Secondly, we are reminded about some of the most important stories that took place during that era at the beginning of a couple of chapters. I found this to be not only cleaver, but very interesting. Some of the information that was given, I had never heard about. There is also group discussion in the back which I love. It helps one to dig deeper into the book than just purely reading.

I really enjoyed reading this book and found to be a very easy read. I am also glad she took moments from her young life and told us about them instead of just telling her whole entire life story. It made it feel like she wanted to share the important moments. The ones that meant the most to her.

This complementary story was given to me by the author through Bostick Communications.

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