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The Desire, by Dan Walsh & Gary Smalley

Title: The Desire (book 3)

Series: The Restoration Series

Author: Dan Walsh & Gary Smalley

Publisher: Revell

Date: September 2, 2014

Paperback: 336

About the author:
Dan Walsh is the bestselling author of many books, including The Dance and The Promise with Gary Smalley, The Discovery, and What Follows After. He has won three Carol Awards, and three of his novels were finalists for RT Book Reviews Inspirational Book of the Year. A member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Dan served as a pastor for 25 years. He lives with his wife in the Daytona Beach area, where he's busy researching and writing his next novel.

Gary Smalley is one of the country's best-known authors and speakers on family relationships and has appeared on national television programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, and TODAY, as well as numerous national radio programs. He is the bestselling and award-winning author or coauthor of many books, including the Baxter Family Redemption series with Karen Kingsbury and The Dance and The Promise with Dan Walsh. Gary and his wife, Norma, have been married for 50 years and live in Missouri.

About the book:
For two years, Allan and Michele have been trying to have a baby. The emotional ride has been taking a toll on their hearts--and their relationship. Michele is obsessed with researching fertility treatments while Allan seems content to spend his time--and their money--on supporting displaced children in Africa. Something's got to give. But they both hope it's not their marriage.

Still, God has a plan for Allan and Michele that they could never have imagined. And all it takes to set it in motion is a change of heart . . .

My take:
"...God sometimes has to put people in tough places to get their attention, make them aware of how much they need him." (pg. 53) 

That quote alone from the book meant so much to me. Not only summing up the whole idea of the book for me, but also holding a lot of meaning in my life.

When I first picked up The Desire, I wasn't sure how much I was going to like it. I thought it was going to be just another book to read.  A lot of times when there are multiply books in a series and you read them out of order, you can get lost. But not with this story. I picked the book up and was drawn in by the main character (Michele) and held there until the end. The experiences that she goes through and those around her that let her know she is not alone, kept me enthralled in the story. We not only get to see how she is affected by what is going on, but we get to see how those around her are affected by it too. Not only just her husband and family members, but also their friends. We also get to see how much relying on God in times of trouble and putting all our faith in him can turn a dark time into a bright a beautiful one.

The authors not only did a great job at writing a story, but did it in a way to where I felt like I was right there with every single character in the book. I felt like I was going from place to place with them and experiencing everything that they did. It was to the point to where I could see/imagine what all the characters looked like and everything around them. I think this is why so many people will and do enjoy reading this story. The characters are every day type of people, so you feel like you can sympathize or even empathize with them.

I cannot express how great this story is and how much I think everyone should pick it up and read it. After reading and liking this one so much, I know I will be reading the other two books in this series (The Dance and The Promise).

I received this complementary book from Revell for my honest review.


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